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NO.Standards & Norms NameStandard
1 Technical requirements for integrated treatment and resource utilization of municipal solid waste GB/T25180-2010
2 Code for design of steam system in chemical plant GB/T50655-2011
3 Code for Design of Steam condensate Systems in Chemical GB/T50812-2013
4 Code for design of metallurgical pellet sintering flue gas desulphurization GB50965-2014
5 Standard of municipal engineering cost(water treatment)  
6 Standard of municipal engineering cost(waste treatment)  
7 Technical specification for operation and maintenance of landfill gas collection, treatment and utilization projects CJJ175-2012
8 Technical specification for design of chemical water treatment in chemical plant HG/T20653-2011
9 Code for Process Calculation of Boiler Plant Design HG/T20680-2011
10 Technical code on safety of gas curtain appliance AQ 2048-2012 
11 Design specification for steel enterprises gas - steam combined cycle power plant  
12 《Technical stipulation of civil-load requirements for the design of boiler and turbine house》 HG-T20681-2005 
13 《Calculation standard for design of chemical water treatment in chemical plant》 HG-T20552-2004