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Mr. Yue Yong, Vice Mayor of Wuhan, Mr. Yang Guocheng, Deputy Secretary-General of Wuhan Municipal Government Visited CCEPC

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    Mr. Yue Yong, Vice Mayor of Wuhan, Mr. Yang Guocheng, Deputy Secretary-General of Wuhan Municipal Government and members of Wuhan Standing Committee of Municipal Committee of CPC, chiefs of Wuhan Municipal Economic Affairs Committee, Wuhan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Wuhan Municipal Commission of Construction and Administration, Municipal Finance Office and chiefs of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone visited CCEPC on July 17th, 2008. Mr. Yue Yong and other officials appreciated the DVD of CCEPC’s introduction and were informed of the operation status of CCEPC in detail. Mr. Yue Yong praised the achievements CCEPC has made in the environmental protection industry and hoped CCEPC to make more contributions on the development of the local environmental protection industry and promote the faster and better construction of Wuhan resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.