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  • 【Waste Gas Treatment Dept】
  • In respond to the growth of exhaust gas treatment market, Waste Gas Treatment Department is set up to provide better service to our clients.

  • Based in Wuhan, CCEPC provides high-quality services to clients across the county.

  • Experienced project managers and professional engineers of diverse specialties and will ensure smooth implementation of every project.

【Waste Gas Treatment Dept】

1.Scope Of Business

Desulfurization(Calcium method, ammonia method, magnesium method, semi-dry method, etc.),coal gas desulfurization


Denitration: By SCR, SNCR, low-NOx combustion,etc


Dedusting : Flue gas dedusting(DESP,WESP,Bag Filter), coal gal dedusting,etc.


Others: Refuse deorderization, acid mist purification, alkali mist purification,oil mist purification, PM2.5 monitoring and treatment,VOCs treatment, flue gas demercuration, dioxin treatment, etc.

2.Form Of Business——Consultancy and design,complete equipment supply,EPC,operating management,BT(Build,Transfe-r),BOT(Build,Operate,Transfer)


Based in Wuhan, CCEPC provides high-quality services to clients across the county.

【Research & Development】

CCEPC holds several patents in waste gas treatment which include Sintering flue gas ammonia method desulfurizing system, Tower base wet chimney and System for desulfurization and Ash removal of flue gas from steel plant sintering by ammonia method. Several projects constructed by CCEPC are honored as Demonstration Project and Excellent Project by China Association Environmental Project Industry and China Metallurgical Construction Association.

  1. 【1989】First dedusting project

    【2001】Low pressure pulse bag filter employed for the first time

    【2002】The first desulfurization and denitration system for waste-to-energy plant

    【2003】The first flue gas desulfurization project for coal-fired boiler

    【2004】Development on preparation of ammonium sulfate by air oxidation of ammonium sulfite

    【2005】First sintering flue gas desulfurization project

    【2006】Simulation of flow field, thermal field and concentration field in wet desulfurization system

    【2007】Research on integrated treatment of flue gas (desulfurization, denitration and decarbonization)

    【2008】Research on combined cycle of flue gas desulfurization and coke oven gas deamination

    【2009】Research on industrial production of key equipment in flue gas desulfurization and ammonium sulfate manufacture.

  2. 【2010】 1、Research on corrosion resistance of corrosion resistant alloy.
           2、Study on the performance of ash deposition in ammonia desulfurization

    【2011】1、Research on wet-type electric precipitator capture
          2、Research on refuse deodorization
          3、Limestone-gypsum method used in sintering and                              pelletizing flue gas desulfurization project.

    【2012】Research and application on flue gas treatment of converter and rotary heath furnace

    【2013】1、Research and application on waste heat boiler flue gas denitration for CCPP.
          2、Undertook a number of denitration projects for large coal-fired power plant.

    【2014】1、Simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification(wet desulfurization+Oxidation denitration +WESP)
          2、SNCR denitration for gas fired boiler.
          3、SCR denitration for sintering flue gas by heating method
          4、Study on industrial flue gas deep desulfurization and near zero emission technology.
          5、Study on WESP in the ammonia desulfurization experiment.

【Typical Projects】


As one of the first companies stepping into flue gas desulfurization, CCEPC holds the most advanced and well-proven technologies which include desulphurization by ammonia method, limestone gypsum method and magnesium method as well as acid gas removal. In the last several years, flue gas desulfurization projects have been constructed successful across the country. At the same time, CCEPC participates in the compile of Design Code of Ammonia Desulphurization of Flue Gas from Sintering and Pelletizing in Metallurgical Industry and Design Code of Smelting Flue Gas Desulphurization. The company also cooperates with well-known universities, research institutions and companied inside and outside China to retain technological competitiveness and to keep leading technology.

  • ·Liuzhou Steel The earliest domestic sintering machine ammonia method desulphurization project.

    ·Anyang Steel The largest processing sintering flue gas desulphurization project.

    ·Njsteel The first domestic general contracting and operation desulphurization project, which have been running by our company ever since.

  • ·Sintering flue gas desulphurization project for Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Company

    ·Desulfurization project for Xingcheng Special Steel power plant in Jiangsu Province

    ·Desulfurization project for Chengchao iron refinery of WISCO

    ·Semi-dry desulfurization project for Likeng Waste-to-Energy plant


Based on years research in deintration of flue gas from industry furnace, CCEPC has developed mature and reliable SCR and SNCR deintration technology for power generation industry and prepared relevant technologies for sintering, cement and glass industry. The company is capable of simulating and optimizing flow field in deintration system as well as designing and manufacturing rectifier equipment.World famous catalyst providers have established strategy partnership with CCEPC which makes CCEPC an integrated supplier with advanced technology in denitration industry.

  • ·Denitration project in Jiangbei West Waste-to-Energy Plant in Wuhan

    ·Denitration project in Tongling

    .Denitration project of Laohukeng Waste-to-Energy Plant in Shenzhen

    .Computer Simulation on the flow field of power plant DeNOx Reactor

    .Computer Simulation on the flow field of SCR DeNOx Reactor for waste heat boiler

  • .Computer Simulation on the flow field of SNCR DeNOx Reactor

    .SCR denitration project of Binbei New Material Co., Shandong Province

    .Ammonia injection valve station

    .SCR catalysts hoisting

3.Dedusting & Deordorization

Since the start of dedusting business in 1955, CCEPC has constructed numerous dedusting projects for steel manufacturers and power plants.CCEPC is also equipped with advanced technology in the area of flue gas dedusting of industry furnace, purifying and recovery of converter gas, deordorization of waste-to-energy plant as well as purifying of acid, alkalic and oil mist. In order to provide better and more comprehensive services to clients, the company extends business to waste-to-energy plant,deordorization of kitchen waste and biomass power plant.

  • .Ecsteel ESP project

    .Flue Gas Dedusting System for 3# Converter of WISCO No.3 Steelmaking Plant

  • .Flue gas dust removal project for CCPP of WISCO

    .Deordorization by Active Carbon in Waste-to-energy Plant


Flue Gas Demercuration、PM2.5 Monitoring and treatment、Acid Gas Removal、SO2、HCl、HF……Oil mist purification、Alkali mist purification、VOCs treatment、Dioxin treatment、Environmental Monitoring、SO2、NOx、CO、NH3、CO2、VOCs、HMs、HCl、HF……

【Patent Technologies】

From steel manufacturers to power plants, from energy companies to municipal constructors, clients of CCEPC Waste Gas Treatment Division come from a variety of industries.By virtue of extensive experiences and advantages, CCEPC aims to be the leader of the industry.

1.Steel manufacturer

WISCO、Anyang Steel、Xingcheng Special Steel、Liuzhou Steel、Shagang Group、Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Corp.、HIHGC、Rizhao steel、Kunming Iron and Steel、Anshan iron and steel、Baosteel、Hebei iron and steel.

2.Power plants

CHINA HUADIAN CORPORATION、Youlian Thermal Power、Datang power.

3.Energy companies

Shenzhen Energy、Western Power、Everbright Environment Protection、Hubei Energy.

4.Municipal constructors

Wuhan UDIC、Wuhan Optical Valley Construction、Guangzhou City Management Committee.