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  • 【Waste Water And Sludge Treatment Dept 】
  • In respond to growing concern on water pollution, higher requirements on water saving and stricter standards on water quality, Water Division is founded in 2013 to provide better service for our clients.

  • International communication is an important way for CCEPC to enhance its technical strength. In last 10 years, CCEPC has established cooperation with well-known companies from Germany, France, Japan and Belgium. At the same time as absorbing advanced technology abroad, CCEPC also makes research on and develops technologies and equipments suitable for China. Several projects constructed by CCEPC are honored as National Key Demonstration Projects for Environment Protection Technology Application.

  • 【Proprietary Technology】
  • 1、For Steel Enterprise: Efficient Sediment+ Filtration+ Membrane Technology
  • The technology is adopted at WISCO Drainage Utilization and Recycle Project at North Lake Outlet. The processing capacity is 192000m3/d. Treated water is reused as make-up circulating water, boiler feedwater and demineralized raw water in captive power plant. The project has been working stably for years.

  • 2、For Industrial Park: Hydrolytic Acidification+ 2-stage Hydrolytic Acidification+ Advanced Oxidation
  • The technology is for wastewater of high concentration, complex component and bad biodegradation. Baoxie Wastewater Treatment Plant in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone adopts this technology and treated water is up to the design standard.

  • 3、For Leachate: Pretreatment + Advanced Oxidation + Biochemical Treatment
  • This technology is mainly for aging landfill leachate with the characteristics of high ammonia nitrogen and refractory organic matter. After treatment, leachate can be discharged to municipal pipelines. The technology is applied to Erfei Mountain Leachate Treatment Project with treatment capacity of 100 m3/d. Now the project is in stable operation.

  • 4、Sludge Disposal and Deep Dewatering Technology: Agent modification + Deep Filter-press
  • The technology is developed for treatment of municipal and industrial sludge difficult to dewater.

  • 【Patented technology】
  • 1、《A Wastewater Reusing System》patent for utility models(ZL 2009 2 0228683.0)

  • 2、《A Soft Biological Hanging Frame for Biochemical Treatment of Wastewater》patent for utility models(ZL 2010 2 0194775.4)

  • 3、《Deep Treatment System for Reuse of Recycled Water》 patent for utility models(ZL 2010 2 0256907.1)

  • 【Typical Projects】
  • 1、Wastewater Treatment Station of WISCO No. 3 Cold Rolling Mill、Complete sets of equipment supply and construction projectsMore
  • 2、Circulating and Demineralized Water System of 1×135MW Gas Power Plant of Yingkou Medium Plate Mill of Rizhao SteelMore
  • 3、Wastewater Treatment Project of Refuse Transfer Station of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, Hubei ProvinceMore
  • 4、Baoxie Wastewater Treatment Plant (1st Phase)More
  • 5、Open Channel Renovation Project of Xiu Lake, Wuhan, Hubei ProvinceMore
  • 6、Wastewater Treatment Plant of Pan Lake Industrial Park, Xianning, Hubei ProvinceMore